It’s time! #VaiTerCopaSim

New Year.. I miss it and I miss them

I miss snowboarding so much

We ended our Cultural Expo with a Holi Festival. Try to find me!

I though you guys might want to meet my first snow-man ever! That end up being a snow-woman!

I intruduce to you Laquisha Lafanda Mignonette Thermopolis Grimaldi Renaldo, Princess of my Snow Day!

My Coming Out Story (short version).

This is the short version of my coming out story. I’ll post bloopers in an hour and I’ll make another video with more detail about how I came out and how I found out that I was gay.

Bloopers from my coming out story video

I was and still am so bored

Happy Children’s Day Brasil!!!

Feliz Dia das Crianças!

Maybe I’m a little bit too happy!

I miss my long hair so much! Soooo much!

I don’t have my twin’s  swag! So I’m just another basic bitch! This is my real ‘style’

This is not a bow-tie… this is a belt! hahahahahah But you get the point right twin?

Trying to learn how to have my twin’s swag!

And failing!

My song called A thousand stars´

Sorry about the grammar mistakes.. I’m to lazy to record another one